We are all more than one category in life..

The pandemic has caused a seismic shift in all our lives, in ways big & small.

Change happens, and if we’re open to it, good things can definitely arise from life’s challenges.

Etsy Artwork by Mary Lou Cerami

It took me a while at first, but I rallied myself to fill my days with something I’ve always wanted to do for a very long time – but never made time for.
I began to make art.

Now, I’ve always defined myself as an artist. I’ve been freelancing as a web and graphic designer since the late 90s. Design brings me a great deal of satisfaction – this entire website was created and is maintained by me – as are more than a few small & large websites I count as clients.

But back to the art – true art is an inception, a seed that forms in the mind and asks to be born. The only task is the artist must believe in herself enough to nurture that seed – and create something from an idea, a thought, an inspiration.

I have found such a joy creating mixed media collage art – Wildlife and sea life crafted from elements such as sea glass, vintage jewelry, buttons and beads of all types.

To be a part of a vibrant artist community online, I now sell my artwork full-time as a juried Artist on various Facebook auction groups, who cater to collectors and lovers of all kinds of art.

To make art for the love of making art – that is my ultimate goal. I’ve discovered a new joy in my life making each piece of artwork. I love finding cast aside or broken jewelry and repurposing it into something beautiful, like a sea manatee or a Narwhal made from sea glass and rhinestones.

It brings me joy. And I wanted to share my joy with you – my students and friends.

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